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Downloading Images

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To Download Images sign in with Username "download" and Password "download".

Photos of which the library holds copyright can be freely downloaded for personal use from the library website as follows:
Sign In: Type "download" in the Username and Password boxes.
Click the Log in… button.
The collections that can be downloaded will be displayed at the top of the page. If the collection to which your photo belongs to doesn't appear, then the image can't be downloaded.
Click on the collection to which your photo belongs (e.g. Graveyard Inscriptions Collection). Find the image you want to download either by browsing or using the search box. You can search by jpg number, name, place etc. (It is a good idea to have the jpg number of the image you want ready.)
Click on the magnifying glass underneath the photo you want to download.
This will open the image in a new window and the watermark will be removed.
Right-click on the photo. The drop-down menu will allow you to copy, save or email the image. Selecting "Save as" from the menu will offer you the option of saving it to your hard drive, CD, memory stick etc. You can then print the image yourself or take it to a digital photo booth.

To view all collections again once you have logged in, simply click on the logout button on top right of screen.

If you wish to use any of the images in a publication please contact us at

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