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Sorry, but your search for 'calvary+section and F21' did not return any hits. We have some suggestions on how you can find what you are looking for:

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Wildcard characters

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'c?r' matches car
'f*' matches food, fast, furious, etc.
'*plane' matches plane, airplane, etc.
Boolean operators

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'john and mariah' matches all files with the words 'john' and 'mariah' 
'not robert' matches all files that does not contain the word 'robert' 
'john or robert or mariah' matches all files that have on or more of the words 'john', 'robert' and 'mariah'
'john or (robert and mariah)' matches files with the word 'john' or the words 'robert' and 'mariah'

You can also combine the boolean operators with the wildcard characters.

'jo* or (rob* and maria?)' 
'john and robert or maria?'
'f* and p* and m*' 
Don't know the spelling?

FotoWeb supports a special kind of search called 'fuzzy' search. This allows you to find a word even if you misspell it when you search or if it has been misspelled when the file was described. You can use the fuzziness operator directly when you type a search. Use to percentage signs (%%) immediately after eachother near the part of the word you suspect is misspelled.

'eli%%sabeth' matches 'elisabeth'
'elizabeth' 'maria%%h' matches 'maria' and 'mariah' 


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